Push Up Anticell 300

  • Вес: 300 г/м²
  • Ширина: 155 см
  • Выход: 2.15 пог. м/кг

Knitted fabric that thanks to its dynamic elasticity actively shapes the figure and contains the unique ITOFINISH KELP finishing. ITOFINISH KELP is a fully natural finishing, rich in minerals, vitamin B and iodine.
It consists of among others: Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) stimulating the production of collagen retaining substances in skin cells, that keeps the skin well hydrated and free of cellulite.
Finishing also contains gingko extract and iodine rich brown algae (Phaeophyta), which speed up the metabolism and provide the skin with firmness and healthy color.
The finishing also suppresses the growth of bacteria and infection, ensuring a feeling of freshness and protecting against unpleasant odors. The active substances are locked in the microcapsules and released during the use of the fabric.
The product is very durable and tested in about 20 washing cycles. It is also produced without the anti-cellulite finishing and in a white color suitable for sublimation transfer prints.

  • 88% микрополиэстер
  • 12% эластан