Knitted fabrics production

My name is Tadeusz Kornata and I am a knitted fabric producer — producing knitted fabrics for sports, youth, women’s and advertising clothing. I have been operating since 1995. I can offer knitted fabrics in a vast range of stitches and colors ideal for various types of prints.

My products are made on modern Italian knitting machines of Orizio brand and I work closely with the best companies specializing in the fabrics finishing.

Knitted fabrics Tadeusz Kornata

Finishing includes processes of refining textile products. Thanks to the finishing the fabrics obtain new and desirable properties e.g. waterproofness.
Knitting is a part of the textile industry specialized in the production of knitted fabrics. Knitted fabrics and woven fabrics are produced in two distinctly different technological processes. The characteristic properties of knitted fabrics are the following: elasticity, breathability, and softness, in other words, these fabrics are comfortable and as such are most suitable for the production of sports clothes, underwear, youth and women’s clothing.
Knitting is a characteristic way of combining eyes that affects the appearance and properties of a knitted fabric. For example, a jersey comes in 4 characteristic knitting stitches and 5 basic types: single, double, interlock, jacquard, and clocqué. It was originally made of delicate wool yarn and produced on the British Jersey Island since medieval times. Now the knitted fabric is made of various yarns, e.g. t-shirts are made of a cotton jersey.
Tricot is one of the basic knitting stitches used in knitted fabrics production.

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